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Chenango Canal Association Strategic Planning 2008 Summary

Mission Statement

The Chenango Canal Association is dedicated to preserving, maintaining, and improving the historic Chenango Canal and its towpath.  Preservation of the canal

  • creates an understanding of its historic significance, as well as builds a foundation for ongoing, positive, community development.  This is accomplished through a range of recreational and educational activities.

Vision Statement

The Chenango Canal Association vision is as follows:

  • Families, nature lovers, and tourists are able to enjoy recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and picnicking, in a safe, peaceful, and natural setting.
  • Visitors are introduced to an important piece of local history.
  • Residents use the Chenango Canal and its towpath as a center for community events.  Nearby land owners benefit from its beauty and resources.
  • Businesses, local and state governments, other tourism organizations, and residents benefit from increased tourism to the canal.
  • The CCA values collaboration with other trail and canal associations.  The CCA gains visitors, expertise, and assistance with their programs through these connections.
  • Volunteers and members of the CCA have the opportunity to serve their community while enjoying the company of their fellow volunteers.  They take pride in knowing their future accomplishments will benefit the community well into the future.

Strengths of the CCA

  • Core group of individuals devoted to this organization and its work
  • Clearing of the towpath
  • Flexibility of member involvement in projects
  • Effective monthly meetings
  • Many successful events
  • Numerous ideas for future projects and collaborations
  • Chenango Canal and its towpath are important to a wide variety of stakeholders

Priorities for Improving and Expanding CCA Work

  • More and better maintenance equipment
  • More active members
  • Clearing the canal water

Resulting Projects

  • Work with Colgate University Upstate Institute to try and find faculty/students willing and able to work on grants for additional maintenance equipment
  • Two committees will work on membership recruitment
    • Using written Materials
    • Using personal contact

Next Steps

  • Decisions need to be made regarding the primary targets for recruitment, as there are many different types of members in this organization.
  • The strategies of the Verbal Recruitment Committee need to be decided upon, including whether a formal presentation will be created and where/how it might be used.
  • The Written Materials Committee can begin to design appropriate recruitment documents.
  • A time line for completion, with specific short, medium, and long term goals, will help these projects progress.

Possible Risks to Success of Projects

  • It may be difficult to find enough interested and active members to work on recruitment, as the primary problem itself is lack of sufficient members to complete everything the Chenango Canal Association hopes.  However, the desire to complete some of the big ideas envisioned by this organization, the importance of securing protection of the canal into the future, and the need for more help with ongoing canal and trail maintenance may help inspire current members to become involved in this recruitment process
  • Trying to work on too many recruitment related projects may be overwhelming and seem to take away time from the regular CCA tasks.  Limiting the projects attempted and setting realistic goals will help keep them group from becoming overwhelmed.

Future Ideas for Consideration

  • Clearing the canal water
  • Path to Eaton Street in Hamilton
  • Work on the feeders to the canal
  • Museum and gift shop
  • Bridge across Oriskany
  • Create dam to raise water level
  • More collaboration with other organizations, possibly as tourist destination
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